Salomon Prolink

by Magnus Johansson

Not surprisingly, the new binding Salomon Prolink has already become a favorite with some retailers. Oslo Sportslager in the Norwegian capital has decided to recommend for roller skis Salomon bindings only this season. This is because they want to go for a thoroughly screw attached binding after the reported problems with NIS bindings accidentally sliding off the mounting plates. Rottefella recommends and provides a special safety kit with a drill, mounting templates and screws for attaching a safety screw under the flexor of the binding that goes through both the NIS plate and the top surface of the roller ski shaft. Oslo Sportslager found it easier and better to use the directly mounted Salomon Prolink binding with its 5 screws per roller ski instead of the now 9 screws for NIS bindings and their separate mounting plates.–vi-er-eksperter-pa-rulleski-1440.aspx