Cross-Country Screwdriver

by Magnus Johansson

The screwdriver par preference in relation to cross-country skis and roller skis is the Pozidriv screwdriver, and especially one with a tip of size 3 of that type, abbreviated  PZ3. That is so because of an international standard called ISO 7794 which specifies that screws of the corresponding screw drive and size shall be used for cross-country ski bindings. It is important not to confuse the Pozidriv with another cruciform screw drive, namely the perhaps more common and similar looking Phillips screw drive, so one uses the right tool when mounting, unmounting or adjusting bindings. The Pozidriv screwdriver has not only wings of a slightly different design than the Phillips screwdriver but more easily recognized a sharp edged rib between each and every wing which the Phillips screwdriver does not have.


Pozidriv 3 (PZ3) screwdriver tip. Notice the sharp ribs between the wings.