Prototype 3

by Magnus Johansson

The first pair of the third prototype of my “off-road” skate roller skis is ready for testing after bindings are mounted. Here are the specifications:

Shaft: Solid birch, 44 x 25 x 580 mm (width x height x length), 360 g.

Forks: Aluminum alloy, 3 mm thick, 250 g/pair.

Wheels: Pneumatic, 47-93 (7 x 1 3/4) with plastic rims and Cheng Shin tires inflated to the maximum 36 PSI, 1 020 g/pair.

Wheelbase: 770 mm

Ground clearance: 30 mm

Total weight: 1 630 g (3 260 g/pair)

The wheels are actually 41 mm wide and not the nominal 47 mm.

This pair of roller skis are made for ski boot sizes 40-43 and for weights 75-85 kg. I am very pleased with how they look and feel. Let’s see how they perform when used.